What makes a strong foundation

You know how people say that the most important thing in a relationship is a strong foundation of trust and respect? And how these two help keep the structure of a relationship strong? Well, that is an analogy that comes from buildings. Because if you don’t have a strong foundation holding up the structure of your home or building, chances are, it will come crumbling down. Just like your marriage, Janice.

The foundation in your house or building is important because any mistake that happens there, will only get worse as you go up. And it is usually an expensive fix.

Your entire house or building sits on top of it and it helps provide support for the entire structure and it also provides protection from natural disasters (this is what keeps your house standing during and after an earthquake). So you obviously want a good one.

This will depend on two things:

The type of soil. Turns out, not all soil is created equal, and depending on the profile and characteristics of the soil you have the type of foundation you can build, these includes materials that will be used and the techniques to do it.

Who is building it. building a foundation requires knowledge and experience to know what will work best with any given project. So you obviously want someone that knows what they are doing. Like us.