Siding Installation & Exterior Wood Repairs

Most exterior wood repairs, fiber cement siding services, or qualified contractors will not accept small projects. Therefore, in many cases, it can be rather difficult to find companies to hire for smaller exterior home repair projects. The majority of Raleigh exterior siding installation contractors will either say, “the project is too small,” or ask you to wait for an extensive amount of time. Exterior carpenters will boldly state that they do not paint or do anything other than the repair itself. Furthermore, companies seemingly are ambiguous in terms of how they define or deem a project “too small.” At Green Acorn, we do it all. Look no further for a one stop shop to complete your exterior home repair.

From fascia boards, corner boards, soffits, siding, and other exterior trim - we will take care of the demolition, installation, preparation, and painting all under one company, one contract, and one commitment. That is just one of the many ways that we simplify and tailor our services to complement the demands and needs of our customers.

Do you have doors or windows that need replacing? Are you considering a window or door company that says that they will not either paint or conduct additional exterior home repairs services? Contact Green Acorn at, 919-600-0199! We offer door and window replacement services and more for the entire Triangle area!

Man washing vinyl siding by hand with brush

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