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Raleigh Exterior Wood Rot Repair

Raleigh Exterior Wood Rot Repair

One of the most common problems that we see in our quarterly home maintenance checks is exterior wood rot. This is caused when the fascia and/or the soffit have been exposed to rain, humidity, and sun for extended period of time and the paint has either peeled or is just not enough protection from the moisture to prevent the wood rot. If the exterior trim rot is left un-repaired, it can not only make your home look old, but the moisture can spread to structural components of the home, potentially causing more serious problems.

A few ways to avoid having rotten wood repaired are to ensure that your roof shingles have at least a 1.5” overhang, clean your gutters regularly, and touch up the exterior paint of your home when signs of wear begin showing. In order to fix exterior wood rot, we must remove any caulk and nails attaching the trim to the house, remove the fascia board, check for wood rot on the structural framing of the home, replace any rotten framing and fascia board, and finally re-caulk and repaint the trim. As you can imagine, this process can get pretty involved, so it is important that homeowners take steps to prevent exterior wood rot.

Ask us about our quarterly home maintenance plans and how we can help you avoid exterior wood rot repair.