Countertop Installation

Do you dream of a kitchen or bathroom that has an effortless style and endless appeal? Create the space you’ve been dreaming about with updated countertops. Premium countertop installation adds an elegant touch to your home, whether your design is rustic chic or squarely contemporary. Select one of these beautiful surfaces to design your dream kitchen or bathroom. Green Acorn is the countertop installation contractor in Raleigh and surrounding areas! Let’s get started!

Granite countertops have been around for a long time and are a long-held favorite among homeowners. Quartzite, soapstone, and marble are all-natural stone materials that can make your kitchen or bathroom feel elegant and timeless. For a more uniform look, consider quartz. If you want a solid-surface countertop on a budget, you may consider turning to Avonite or Corian countertops as an alternative that still maintains many of the same visuals.

Budget-friendly options can also breathe new life into your kitchen or bathroom area. Ceramic tile is a popular and low-maintenance way to decorate your kitchen. If you want a warmer appearance, you might want to consider wooden or butcherblock surfaces for their rustic charm. Laminate countertops offer a surface most similar to solid-surface countertops but with a less expensive construction.

No matter which countertop style you select, it will pay huge dividends in the look and feel of your kitchen or bathroom. Find the countertops that are right for your home by contacting us today!


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