Home construction is on the rise as the real estate market booms in Raleigh. The cost of homes is rising, and more and more pre-built neighborhoods are cropping up. Pre-built homes certainly offer a degree of convenience for potential home buyers, but have you ever considered a custom-built home? Do you want a home that looks just like your neighbor’s?

Why not build an energy-efficient custom-built home with a custom floor plan and lot from Green Acorn, founded on home building solutions. Let us custom build a home to suit your needs; the design possibilities are endless. Our home construction process allows you to handpick tile, countertops, cabinets, and everything else. In the end, you have a dream home created with your family and your budget in mind.

Custom built homes offer both quality and full customization. It’s no secret that custom-built homes are better constructed! Not to mention, your custom home contractor can take the time to focus on your unique property instead of managing a large neighborhood all at once. There is greater attention to detail and degree of personalization when you choose to walk through the home construction process with an experienced professional custom home builder. Whether your desired location is inside the beltline, Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, or surrounding areas, Green Acorn can build the home of your dreams! Let’s get started! 919-600-0199

A great way to breathe new life into a dated floor plan is to remove a wall separating two rooms. Quite often, we meet homeowners who want a wall removed between their kitchen and living room to be able to enjoy the open floor plan that is so popular in new homes today. Many people think that a wall cannot be removed if it is load bearing, and this is not usually accurate. Removing a load bearing wall is usually possible, although it often requires a heavier beam and/or additional footers under the home.

The craftsmen and Green Acorn have decades of experience with wall removal, whether they are load bearing or not. Some factors to consider that affect the cost of wall removal are the length of the wall, if there is plumbing, electrical, or HVAC running through the wall, if the flooring in both existing rooms matches and continues under the wall, and if you would like the beam that replaces the wall to be recessed into the ceiling. While the cost for a load bearing wall removal can creep up, there are often ways to lower that cost and still achieve your open floor plan. Consider a couple of glass French doors or cased openings to save some money. Regardless of how you achieve your custom home dream, Green Acorn in Raleigh is here to help!

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