A ktichen that is very well organised.

How to keep your kitchen organized

People who love to cook dream about having the perfect kitchen. With the biggest fridge, a marvelous oven, an island you can cook in, Long drawers to keep your utensils organized, and a whole bunch of counter space for preparing delicious and luxurious meals. That’s the dream. 


But even when you have everything you’ve ever wanted, keeping your kitchen as a functioning and beautiful place at the same time, can be a little difficult. Especially when you are in the midst of a pandemic where you are going to be spending most of your time in the house, and perhaps you will have to use it more than you are used to. 


Here we have prepared a few tips for you to keep your kitchen organized during these rather strange times and when it is all over. 


Wash the dishes. 
Washing dishes can be a drag and no one really likes to do it. But try to wash the dishes or at least get them ready to be loaded unto the dishwasher after you finish a meal. Or set a time before the day is done to do it. This will keep your sink from turning into an overwhelming pile of dishes you are too tired and too stressed to think about. 


Put everything where it belongs.

Make sure you put everything back where it belongs. Sure, maybe you drink coffee as a ritual every morning or you get snacky and prepare a few sandwiches along the day. But keep everything where it belongs after you use it. Otherwise the mess can become too much very fast. If there isn’t a real reason to have your coffee beans sitting on the counter put them back in the pantry. If you can spare the few seconds it actually takes to clean the knife you used to make your sandwich, clean it. 


The easiest way to keep everything where it belongs it’s to make categories. This will allow you to know where everything is and where everything needs to be put back after you use it. Each section of the kitchen needs to have a purpose and a reason as to why you keep those things there. It needs to function but most of all it needs to make cleaning up easier for you. 

Once you have a main categorization of the space you can make subcategories for different spaces. Say the pantry or the drawer you keep all the tupperware in, or your fridge. 


Return kitchen items to the kitchen. 

To keep your kitchen organized items belonging to the kitchen must be returned to the kitchen. It often happens that we decide to eat or drink outside of the kitchen, and that’s fine. What isn’t okay is when those items start appearing everywhere in the house after using them. Either you set an hour in which everything that belongs to the kitchen makes its way back to the kitchen or you take what belongs to the kitchen after you stop using it. Especially if there are any food crumbs left with what you’ve used. 


Make a list.

Make a shopping list. Another way to keep your kitchen organized is by staying away from over shopping. Sometimes when we do our groceries shopping we buy things that we already have. This creates a volume of unnecessary things that can make it harder for you to keep your categories organised. So, it is vital that you know what you have and what you need. The easiest way to accomplish this is by keeping a list. 



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