Household items to keep your house COVID-19 free

Our lifestyle has made us completely dependent on products to do our cleaning and feel safe to the point where some people have felt it necessary to hoard cleaning products during these uncertain times. However, mother nature is wise and has always offered us through her resources products that have allowed us to keep our home clean and virus free.

So, don’t start panicking when cleaning products start running low or even run out. Search for this alternatives instead:

White vinegar. This is a common household item that is highly acidic, which gives it antimicrobial properties. It can help you clean windows, the dishwasher, towels (this will help them feel less stiff) it is amazing cleaning intense stains, certain surfaces, and supermarket produce. However, it should never be used in stone or marble countertops and floors since, as an acidic substance it can etch natural stone.

Hydrogen Peroxide. This household ingredient is a great disinfectant that kills bacteria, mold, and salmonella. One of the important uses you can give it right now is to disinfect sponges, mops and scrub pads you use after cleaning.

Lemons or citric fruits. Lemon is an important cleaning agent and an antioxidant. This is because lemon juice contains citric acid and as we have discussed with vinegar acid is a good antibacterial and antiseptic. They are also packed with vitamin C, when ingested.

Cotton balls. If your local store is out of antibacterial gel, place a few of them in a jar and drop ethyl alcohol into them. They will absorb the alcohol and you’ll be able to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Tea tree essential oil. This may not be a common household item but it has amazing properties. It has been used as traditional medicine for centuries, it kills certain bacteria, viruses and fungi. And when ingested it can help increase the activity of your white blood cells and help fight germs.