Home is where the heart is

Love is in the air! And while you might have already shown love to your special someone, family, and or friends you might have forgotten to show it to one of the most important things in your life: your home.
So we’ve created a small list of small easy things you can do to show your home some well deserved love.

  1. Give it an awesome paint job. You and I both know that there is a part of you that would like to see another color in your everyday life. Maybe you want to add a new splash to a certain wall, or maybe paint your kitchen counters, or the front door. Adding new color is a fantastic way to show love to your home.
  2. Flowers. Just as your SO likes flowers, your home does too. It makes any place look bright and cheerful.
  3. Declutter. No house looks nice with all those extra things you have laying around. It doesn’t matter if you keep them out of sight, your house know they are there.
  4. Candlelit life. There is nothing like relaxing after a hard day by candlelight that also happens to make your house smell delightful. Be sure to be careful about it, though.
  5. Fix those leaks. Your house gets sadder the longer you take to fix something that needs fixing. Be sure to keep everything working the best possible way.
  6. Build a pizza oven. One of the things people love most about their home is who they share it with. So, get all the people you love together for your very own pizza party!
  7. Clean your fridge. This is just smart.
  8. Update your lighting. Make sure you are using the best type of lightning available. Maybe you want a new lamp or a new set of lights for the living room. Let your house light up your nights in the best possible way.
  9. Get custom made cabinetry. One efficient way to keep clutter at bay is having see through cabinetry. It will allow you to show off your plates and amazing stuff you have and have that space work wonders for you.
  10. Say thank you. Simple but powerful.