Get those resolutions done!

Something happens when planet earth begins to end its journey around the sun. We get all hyped up and start thinking that when the new year arrives everything and anything is possible. So we make resolutions, promises to ourselves to be a better version of ourselves. But most of the time we don’t fully see them through. You can blame it on a lot of stuff. Time, work, mercury in retrograde… but really it all comes down to one thing:


Everything in life requires motivation, a reason that makes you want to do stuff. And it is incredibly surprising how much we lack of it. Or how easy it is to lose it. Motivation can be as strong as passion but at times it is more fragile than trust.

How do you keep motivation up in a world like the one we live in? I mean, January has only just begun and we are already talking WWIII… So, how do you keep motivation or hope going?

You feed it. It is easy to lose motivation when your reason to do something isn’t strong enough, isn’t as well nurtured as it should be.

When we set up a resolution we normally just say we want to do something the same way the first thought about it comes into our mind:

“Go to the gym. Eat better. Get a job. Go out with friends. Paint the living room wall.”

The thing about this first thoughts is that they aren’t specific enough. They are basically just ideas. And when you want to materialize something, you need to bring that idea down, and plan it out with specific actions that will then make it a reality.

So go further.

This is how that conversation should go in your brain:

I want to go the gym, but why?

Because I want to be healthier.

Okay cool… but why?

Because I don’t want to get sick.

Why, though?

Because I don’t want to put the family through the emotional and financial stress of a sickness that could have been prevented, or I simply don’t want to die anytime soon.

Now you’ve got something!

Once you have the core motivation behind your first idea, make a plan to make it a reality and follow through. Honestly, when you have a clear reason why you are putting your body through the extreme pain that is going to the gym, it doesn’t matter if you are tired or sore, or if the family is in town, you will keep going. Because what makes you go is something bigger than just a new year resolution idea. It’s true motivation.