Fun Things to With Your Attic

The Attic has always had a reputation for being a scary place where evil usually hides until the perfect family comes along to haunt and destroy them. And while some of you may be skeptical, I say, there is some level of truth in every urban legend or myth we are plagued by.
However, have you ever seen a movie featuring an evil lurking spirit in a fancy attic? You most definitely have not. Which is why, we are writing a few fun things you could do to keep evil spirits and folklore related hauntings away from you and your loved ones.

Closet space. Everyone knows there will never be enough space for clothing. And sometimes the attic may not be big enough to create a more functional space. So, when that is the case, creating a walk in closet may just be the answer for you.

Personal library. For anyone who loves books, a reading nook is a must have. A little space designated to read in a comfy space. But you know what is way better than a small nook? A personal library! Attics are just the perfect seize to install bookshelves, throw in some comfortable chairs and create your very own personal library where you can read hours on end without being interrupted.

Creativity studio. Maybe you are not that into books. Maybe you are more of a diy person or an artist. Anyone who has a wilder creativity side knows the havoc that can cause your home when you start working on a project. Adapting the attic to be your own personal creative studio might just be what you need. That way, any project you have going on won’t be disturbed at all, no matter how much of a disaster zone you create by working on it.

Office. For those who work from home or have their own business, adapting a room in your house to be used as an office is sometimes a must. However, it is hard to let go of the idea that you are home and that might mess with your concentration or even with your will to finish tasks. Renovating your attic to serve as an office that is separated from the rest of the house could be a great idea if you have a hard time separating home from office. Plus, you get to work alone, uninterrupted, and silently.

Theatre room. If binge watching series is your thing renovating your attic into a theatre room will probably make you the happiest person on earth. The Attic is the perfect place to create a cozy, warm home theatre spot when you get to decide how many episodes of your favorite shows you are willing to watch. Without having to listen to the outside world or even other tvs in the house.

Guest room. Looking to make some extra cash? Adapting your attic to be an extra bedroom could allow you to jump into the Airbnb wagon. This is a great idea because it will provide the guests with a personal space where they don’t feel awkward by interfering with your family’s activities but also still being able to enjoy their visit in a cozy scenario. Or just having an extra place to accomodate guests during holiday season.

Bathroom experience. Okay, so it might sound complicated but nothing is impossible for us, so we are just going to roll with this. Transform your attic into a unique bathroom. Away from the noise and other people who might want to use it. If you have a busy house and extra bathroom is always welcomed.

Climbing zone. The attic is the perfect spot to create a rock climbing experience with all its angles you get from the walls, and given the low ceilings any fall won’t be threatening with the right cushions in place. This is a great idea if you live in a place where you can’t do outdoor activities during the colder months or have really active kids.

Recording studio. While the attic might be a very small place, you can definitely adapt it to serve as a small home recording studio to work on your tunes or even start your own audio recording services.